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11/22/2020 - Rockstar Championships and Virtual Series

Rockstar Championships:

Halos: 1st Place and level champs

Power: 1st Place

Virtues: 1st Place and level champs

Wings: 2nd Place

Domination: 1st Place

Grace: 2nd Place

Inspire: 2nd Place

Glory 1st Place

Divine: 1st Place

Majesty: 1st Place and level champs

Guardian Angels: 1st Place

Archangels: 2nd Place

Virtual Series:

Seraphs and Soar: Excellent

Halos: 1st Place

Dream: 2nd Place

Power: 1st Place

Virtues: 4th Place

Wings: 1st Place

Domination: 2nd Place

Grace: 5th Place

Inspire: 1st Place and WILD CARD Summit Bid

Glory: 1st Place and WILD Card Summit Bid

Divine: 1st Place

Majesty: 3rd Place

Guardian Angels: 1st Place

Archangels: 1st Place

05/22/2020 - How is CSTL responding to COVID-19?

Cheer St. Louis is taking every precaution necessary to prevent the spread of germs in our facility.
The following measures are being taken and not limited to: 

NEW - Effective 8/3/20 a mask is required for everyone ages 4 and older

*Hand sanitizer use frequently.

*Excessive cleaning of surfaces including mats and training surfaces.

*Social distance of six feet between athletes and coaches when possible.

*If you are feeling ill please stay home.

*Lobby area is closed to parent viewing, except for athletes ages 5 and under.  They may have 1 parent in the building.

Athlete arrival 10 minutes before scheduled training time.

All doors propped open to minimize use of handles.

11/10/2019 - Best of St. Charles!

06/23/2019 - Trial Class

Your first class at Cheer St. Louis is on US! Check it out to see if you enjoy it! This is for new customers only.